je internetový portál o vlasech, kráse a kosmetice. Zajímavé informace a užitečné rady nejen o vlasových kosmetických přípravcích, ale také o tom, jak pečovat o vlasy, aby si uchovaly lesk a zdravý vzhled, se dočtete na tomto webu.

Ten také slouží k ukládání studentských seminárních prací z předmětu Cosmetology, který je vyučován na 1. lékařské fakultě Univerzity Karlovy.

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  1. Cosmetology Essay: Make-up (Decorative Cosmetics):
    Natalia Nelson, Group 1055
    Make-up is used for a variety of reasons and can be applied to any part of the face to achieve specific aesthetic results. Decorative cosmetics is a branch of cosmetology that creates enhancements or changes in natural facial features without surgical or permanent interventions. Another term for this particular type of decorative cosmetics is “facial contouring”. Facial contouring helps define and enhance features on the face. For example, it can create the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin. It can also make round faces appear skinnier, which is the main topic of this essay.
    Facial contouring is commonly used in the film and theatre industries. Make-up artists can transform the features of any actor or actress into those of a character they are portraying. This can be done through tedious and extensive work in shadowing and contouring of the face. In addition to this, many people utilize the skills of contour make-up artists in order to enhance or alter their facial appearance. This is particularly popular to do because it is significantly cheaper than cosmetic surgery and the results are effective, attractive and not permanent.
    While facial contouring is used for all face shapes, round faces require heavier and more defined contouring. In round faces, cheekbones and other features on the face are not usually well-defined. The aim of contouring round faces is to slim and lengthen them. This requires different colored foundation, blush, and makeup brushes and materials.
    Firstly, in facial contouring, it is essential to start with a completely blank canvas. Therefore, clients must remove all makeup and wash their faces thoroughly. A moisturizer must then be applied and then allowed to soak in for several minutes before contouring begins. After this step, makeup artists match a foundation to the color of the client’s skin. The purpose of this is to even skin tone and provide a base where makeup can be built upon when contouring with lighter and darker foundation shades. Foundation is usually matched to the color of skin on the neck. The neck skin tends to be slightly paler than the face so matching foundation to the neck ensures that the face doesn’t end up looking darker than normal.
    Next, it is important to apply a shading product on temples, cheekbones and the sides of jaws. This product must be a shade or two darker than the normal skin tone of the client and should be blended toward the center of the face — downward and inward from the temples and upward and inward from the jaw. The goal of these contouring techniques is to make a round face appear more oval. Darker colors draw attention away from the sides of the face.
    Another contouring technique is the utilization of a highlighter foundation. This is about two shades lighter than natural skin tone). It is applied in the middle of the forehead and chin and helps bring these areas forward to create a more angular look. In addition to this, blush can also be used to lengthen the face and create the illusion that it is less round. It is applied to the area of cheeks that goes no lower than the imaginary line at the bottom of the nose. A brownish peach blush should be placed just under the cheekbones and then blended upward toward the temples.
    Features can get lost in a round face, so make-up artists also like to emphasize eyes and lips. Eyes are lined with a softly smudged eyeliner and a darker shade of eye shadow is applied toward the outer portion of the eyelid and a lighter shade toward the inner part to make eyes stand out more. Dark lip colors with lip gloss are ideal for emphasizing lips. There are many positive aspects about decorative cosmetics. Not only is it a temporary and safe way to enhance features, it is also something that people can learn to do themselves. With the right instructions, tools, and skill, people can learn the art of make-up, including facial contouring, and feel more confident about their self-image and self-esteem.

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